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Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)
Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)
Rohtak-124001, Haryana (INDIA)

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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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About Us

Realising the important role of education which it plays in the overall national development, the Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak established a Correspondence Cell in the year 1988 for imparting education through ‘Correspondence' leading to the award of B.Ed. degree. The University, with the passage of time, development of technology and requirement of society, upgraded the Correspondence Cell to Directorate and has expanded tremendously. The Directorate is providing opportunities for higher education to a large segment of population especially disadvantaged groups living in remote and rural areas, adults, housewives and working people. We aspire to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge to build competitive cafficerpability for holistic development of person and society. The various programmes offered by the Directorate are as per needs of the area and employment opportunities available therein. In order to meet the growing demand of open and distance learning, the Directorate has enriched in terms of resources for further access to the aspirants. It aims at establishing itself as a centre of excellence in Distance Education. 

News & Events

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Recent Events

About Office

Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)

MDU Branches

Prof. Nasib Singh Gill

Email : dir.dde@mdurohtak.ac.in

Phone : 01262-293189, 293186

Curriculum Vitae...

MDU Branches

Prof. B. Narasimhan

Centre for Internal Quality Assurance
email ID: dir.ciqa@mdurohtak.ac.in

curriculum vitae..

MDU Branches

Dr Vinay Malik

Email : co.dde@mdurohtak.ac.in

Phone : 01262-293198



·         All affairs related to admissions to UG and PG CDOE Programmes at CDOE of different cycles in a academic year.

·         Handling Development and Printing of Study Material/SLM and liasoning with respective Programmes Co-ordinators for timely delivery of SLM to the students for every cycle.

·         Uploading of soft copies of SLM/e-books at CDOE Portal for easier access to students.

·         UGC-DEB approval for ODL and Online Programmes for each academic year and follow up action thereof.

·         Conduct of SSSCs/LSCs camps for each semester of UG/PG Programmes.

·         Handling & controlling of Students Grievances addressed to the CDOE Grievance Redressal Cell.

·         Issuance of Recognition Certificates to the aspiring CDOE Pass out students and any other responsibility assigned by the Directorate.

Assistant Registrar
MDU Branches

Mrs. Seema Khattar

• Overall supervision of the CDOE in respect of work assigned to different sections.

• Handling grievances of students and liaison among different sections and the University Branches/ DEB/ any other regulatory body.
• Any other assignment given by the Director (CDOE)

Phone: 01262-293030

Superintendent (Admission & Registration- UG Section, Co-ordination Section, Accounts Section)
MDU Branches

Sh. Joginder Singh

  • Dealing RTI/Misc. and dairy dispatch

MDU Branches

Mrs. Sunil Chahal

Mobile No. 9991130529

Email ID: supdtug.dde@mdu.ac.in

  • Overall supervision of Admission and Registration Section of UG Courses.
  • Admission/Pre-Examination work of UG Courses.
  • Dispatch of DMCs, Handling grievances, old work of UG
Any other work assigned by the Director/co-ordinator/A.R.(CDOE)

Superintendent (Working as PA to Director)
MDU Branches

Sh. Harjinder Pal

P.A to Director CDOE

Dy. Supdt. (PG/Account Section)
MDU Branches

Sh. C.P. Dhawan

  • Verification of D&C, Income Registers.
  • Payment to be released to Study Centers, adjustment payment to parties with whom MoU have been signed by the University etc.
  • Overall supervision of Admission and Registration Section of IT/Management and PG Courses, Admission Work of PG & IT/Mgt. Courses, Dispatch of DMCs, Handling Grievances of the Students of PG, IT & Mgt.

Dy. Supdt. (Co-ordination Section)
MDU Branches

Sh. Shyam Sunder

  • Dealing with Act/Statute/Ordinance/DEB/UGC provisions concerning Distance Education, Updating Syllabi/Scheme of Exams, Admission Notification, MoUs, Meetings of Advisory Committee, Board of Studies/ Faculty/ Any other Committees constituted by the Vice Chancellor/Director, Co-ordination work of all kinds.
  • Dealing with Act/Statute/Ordinance/DEB/UGC provisions concerning Distance Education, Updating Syllabi/Scheme of Exams, Admission Notification, MoUs, Meetings of Advisory Committee, Board of Studies/ Faculty/ Any other Committees constituted by the Vice Chancelor/Director, Co-ordination work of all kinds.

Any other work assigned by the Director/co-ordinator/A.R.(DDE)


Faculty/Programme Coordinator

Dr Mamta

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Political Science)


Dr Sudhir

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (English)


Dr. Tilak Raj

Program Co-ordinator - Master of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce Contact - 9355077220

Mr. Sunit Mukherjee

Program Co-ordinator - Journalism & Mass Communication Contact - 9896014930

Dr. Mahender

Program Co-ordinator - Bachelor of Commerce, Contact : 9992379052

Dr. Manjeet Kaur

Program Co-ordinator - Bachelor of Arts, Contact : 9992223060

Mrs. Sheelu Chaudhary

Program Co-ordinator - Bachelor of Art, Contact : 9416492277

Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Joon

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Hindi), Contact : 9467460091

Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Devi

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Hindi), Contact : 9416484744

Dr. Kavita


M.A. (English), Contact : 9467273067

Dr. Ravi Prabhat

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Sanskrit), Contact : 9555963616

Dr. Shree Bhagwaan

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Sanskrit), Contact : 8295139933

Ms. Kiran Bala

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Economics) , Contact : 7988004632

Dr. Divya Malhan

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Economics), Contact : 9416047200

Dr. Sewa Singh Dahiya

Program Co-ordinator - Master of Arts (Public Administration), Contact : 9466527002

Dr. Jagbir Singh Narwal

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Public Administration), Contact : 9416521739

Dr Vikas Pawar

Program Co-ordinator- M.A. (History), Contact : 98132 57268

Dr. Sanjay Nandal

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (History) , Contact : 9813233465

Dr. Dalip Singh

Program Co-ordinator- Master of Science (Mathematics), Contact : 9255121164

Dr Meenakshi

Program Co-ordinator (Online Programme) - Master of Science (Mathematics), Contact : 9468267369

Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Program Co-ordinator - M.A. (Political Science), Contact : 9812239390

Dr. Anil Kumar Siwach

Program Co-ordinator - M.L.I.Sc. , Contact : 9996787203
curriculum vitae..

Dr. Pinki Sharma

Program Co-ordinator - M/L.I.Sc. , Contact : 8882792060

Dr. Balkishan

Program Co-ordinator - Computer Science and Applications, Contact : 9416517453

Dr. Karamvir Sheokand

Program Co-ordinator - Management, Contact : 9466457870

Dr. Naveen Kumar

Program Co-ordinator - Journalism & Mass Communication Contact - 9468376309

Dr. Shakti Singh

Program Co-ordinator - Master of Commerce Contact - 9355026448

Dr Jagbir Singh

Program Co-ordinator - Master of Science (Mathematics) Mob. 92155 33132

Dr Kapil Malhotra

Program Co-coordinator (Online Programme) - Master of Commerce


Smt. Meena Kumari

Assistant (UG Section)

Smt. Somvati

Assistant (Accounts Section)

Smt. Kamala

Assistant (Accounts Section)

Smt. Geeta

Assistant (Diary & Dispatch)

Smt. Darshna

Assistant (Misc. & RTI))

Mr. Navneet Singh

Assistant (PG Section)

Mr. Parmod Kumar

Assistant (Co-ordination Section)

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Clerk-cum-JDEO (UG Section)

Mr. Naveen Kumar

Clerk-cum-JDEO (UG Section)

Mr. Kamal Kumar

Clerk-cum-JDEO (PG Section)

Sh. Anil Kumar

Clerk-cum-JDEO (PG Section)

Mr. Parmod Kumar

Clerk-cum-JDEO (Co-ordination Section)


Mr. Vikas Saini


curriculum vitae..

Sh. Jagdish Chander

Clerk (Diary & Dispatch)

Smt. Rajesh Devi


Contact no.: 01262293198

Anil Malhotra





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Committees / Proceedings of Committee

Conference Hall
MDU Facilities

DDE Conference Hall

Department for Distance Education have a special conference hall for meetings and conferences like stuff.this conference hall can accomodate upto 300 persons at a timethis department have special facilities like lunch area and pantry etc.

MDU Facilities

Students Support Services Camps

The DDE believes in providing full support and service to its students and ensures the removal of difficulties at personal level so that the participation of the students in the programmes offered by the DDE becomes really effective and meaningful. The Directorate has evolved the concept of “Students Support Services Camps (SSSCs)” to help and groom the distance learners in several ways. These camps are not confined only to interactive counselling or solving the problems of the distance learners which they face during their self-study from the study material provided by the Directorate but also include promoting distance learning. In addition to it, Counsellors also help the distance learners in personality development and learning soft-skills.

Contact us

Maharshi Dayanand University

Directorate of Distance Education

Rohtak, 124001

Phone: 01262-293191

E-mail: dir.dde@mdurohtak.ac.in

Website: www.mdudde.net

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

One of the emerging challenges faced by any higher educational institution is the development, application and maintenance of quality benchmarks in all its key performance areas. To institutionalize the process of quality sustenance and enhancement, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established in the University. The IQAC in the university came into existence in 2003. It was reconstituted, as per the guidelines of UGC, on 12.07.2010. The IQAC is a nodal agency for ushering in the era of total quality management by working out intervention strategies to enhance overall quality in the institution.

The IQAC works for ensuring continuous improvement in the entire operations of the institution, and assuring all the stakeholders connected with higher education- namely students, parents, teachers, staff, funding agencies and society in general. The NAAC advocates establishment of IQAC by every institution to make quality enhancement an integral part of institutional functioning. IQAC is utilized to generate good academic ideas and practices. It seeks to work for planning, implementing, and measuring the outcome of academic and administrative performance of the institution.

The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of