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National Service Scheme (NSS)
National Service Scheme (NSS)
Rohtak-124001, Haryana (INDIA)

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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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About Us

The National Service Scheme, popularly known is a Major Youth activity intended to engage the students of Colleges and Universities in community service on a Voluntary basis on the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand.

It was launched in 1969 on the birth century of Mahatma Gandhi, who conceived the idea of involving youth in constructive services.

NSS aims at academic expansion and personality development of the students through community services watch world of the NSS is “Not me But you”. The welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society on the whole.

 National Service Scheme is one of the best student’s organizations in the country rendering their selfless service for the community people, country not only in the normal development works, but also in the emergency irrespective of caste, Sex, religion, creed, region or Politics.

National Service Scheme provides opportunities for personality development of the Volunteers through involving them in community service.  So we need to design the activity plan incorporating such types of activities as under:

  1. Socio- physical activities.
  2. Intelligence – activities.
  3. Psycho – cultural activities.


  1. During the camp Volunteers interacted with villagers on daily basis problems of the community , during the Camp Volunteers created awareness among the villagers about the health and Hygiene , Drug De -  Addiction , water conservation ,waste disposal, save the girl child and girl child education, cleanliness drive , Human right awareness programme, Tree plantation and Motivated villagers to keep their surrounding clean and avoid the use of plastic. The Volunteers acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude during the camp, the process of mobilizing community participation.
  2. During the camps Volunteers are exposed to various intelligence activities and Psycho cultural activities such as group discussion on social issues and foster a feeling of tolerance for divergent views. Daily presentation by Volunteers on topic of their choice, communication skills, community living in them, team work and leadership skills. Volunteers indulge in cultural activities and sense of pride in them about their cultural heritage. NSS Volunteers participated in Youth Leadership Training camps, National Integration camps, field tours, educational camps, state camps, National Youth festival (NSS), Pre RD camp and R.D camp for NSS Volunteers, participated in National Seminars and workshop on Human Rights, Road Safety, Disaster Management, Gender Discrimination and Environment pollutions etc.
  3. The awareness programmes organised on HIV/AIDS, Blood Donation camp, Drug De-Addictions, eyes donation, organs donation and body donation. With first aid training Volunteers are empowered to handle emergency situation. Also it has created a durable asset in the form of prepared garden, parks, boundary walls of colleges, toilet and houses for poor people of villages, tree plantation and any kind of sarmdan etc. These activities inculcate values in Volunteers making them responsible citizens and asset for the society.


Other Activities:

The Government flagship Programmes will be conducted as per direction given by the centre Government, State Government and University Grant Commission etc. The Programme Coordinator office issue the guidelines of University Level advisory committee passed every year to enhance the NSS activities time to time to the various NSS units working in various colleges and University. The P.C NSS office conducting Pre RD trail camp for RD parade and also conducting different programmes requirement according to the situation.   

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National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS Office, Second Floor, Students Activity Centre, MDU

NSS Programme Co-ordinator
MDU Branches

Prof. Tilak Raj

NSS Programme Co-ordinator
(Department of Commerce)
M- 9355077220

Administrative Staff

Mr. Sandeep Duhan



Mr. Mohit Ahlawat






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NSS Office, Second Floor, Students Activity Centre, MDU
9991778168 / 8683007748
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